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Clara Oswald split herself into a million pieces to save The Doctor over and over again.

Clara Oswald convinced The Doctor he didn’t need to destroy his home planet.

Clara Oswald rode outside the TARDIS through time and space to get back and help The Doctor.

Never talk shit about Clara Oswald to me ever again.

She also convinced the Timelords to give The Doctor a whole new set of regenerations.


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Dear whovians who compete about the Clara vs Amy thing…

You can love Clara and Amy. Both of them. (I do)

This is not a fight. They’re not rivals.

Amy’s appearence on the Christmas episode was just a (poetic?) way to close 12th’s story: she was the 1st face that he saw. Now she’s (almost) the last one. Clara was there too, remember?

This is not a romantic reference. Amy and 12th’s connection was HUGE since she was a little girl. She’s important. And Clara is important too but not in the same way. She didn’t have enough time or whatever.

So stop saying nonsenses, please.
No more “Rose Tyler vs. any other companion” (the constant battle)
Everyone is important in her own way.